The DC Environmental Network (DCEN), founded in 1996 — is working toward a vision of rebuilding Washington, DC’s neighborhoods, and communities for long-term economic and environmental sustainability — accomplishing this by protecting, restoring, and enhancing, the Capital City’s urban environment.


The DC Environmental Network has been a leader in efforts to to make sure our nation's capital city does what is necessary to mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis. Our engagement on urban forestry, wildlife, zero-waste, clean rivers, and energy issues, will always prioritize reducing carbon emissions and preparing for the worst impacts of climate change.

12 September 2019

Working with DC Office of People's Counsel

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Our Mission

DCEN Campaigns

DC Environmental Network

DCEN has led and will continue to lead education and advocacy efforts in support of environmental and economic sustainability in the District. Our primary focuses include: 

30 August 2019

DC can help save the Amazon Forest!

"Next Big Thing" Climate Crisis Conference 2021

17 October 2019

Nadeau award & Office of Resilience Hearing

The Climate Crisis

Registration is open for DCEN's "Next Big Thing" Climate Crisis Conference November 15-19! We have nine expert panels over the course of the week that have been created by some of the most active climate advocacy organizations including Friends of the Earth, Audubon Naturalist Society, Sierra Club DC Chapter, Climate Steps, Casey Trees, City Wildlife, Anacostia Park & Community Collaborative, Washington Parks & People, and Chesapeake Climate Action Network. And that's just some of the participants!